Come for the music, stay for the party.

Welcome to the madness...

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A Taste



151 Band was formed by founder, Ron "Gorilla" Black; the name of the band is derived from the ever-popular and wickedly powerful adult beverage; 151.  It was the perfect name and the perfect visage for a band as diverse and exciting to watch as 151 Band.  To perform live in front of some audiences requires just a little imbalance, but we are all a little crazy, aren't we?

Our sound is dynamic, diverse, and immensely enjoyable.  You'll find a party like no other when you come to a "show" (we like to call them, "A gathering of friends") and you'll be hooked and want more.  


You'll find the members of 151 Band to be friendly, fun, and most importantly, dedicated to making music that audiences of all ages can enjoy.  Whether it be classic rock, rock, contemporary country, or even a few original tunes, 151 Band is ready to serve you!  We have added a few 90's tunes that folks love to dance to and we rather enjoy dancing ourselves.  Come see a show and party with us!